EXCLUSIVE: Munich based Beta Cinema has arrived in Cannes with new pick-ups that could provoke heated debate. 

Beta is launching We Are Young, We Are Strong by young Afghan-German director Burhan Qurbani in the Cannes Marché. The film explores the driving forces of xenophobia during the violent riots of 1992 in freshly reunited Germany

Based on historical facts and currently in post-production, it recounts the violent xenophobic riots in Rostock in 1992 from the perspectives of three different characters: a Vietnamese woman settled in Germany, a young hooligan involved in the night’s riots and his father, a local politician, trapped in the dilemma of advancing his career or standing up for his ideals.

Devid Striesow, Jonas Nay and European Shooting Star Saskia Rosendahl headline the cast of the film, which is a UFA Fiction production in co-production with cine plus, ZDF and Arte. 

It marks the follow up to Qurbani’s Berlinale competition title, Shahada.

Also new on the Beta slate is Labyrinth Of Lies in which director Giulio Ricciarelli delivers a cinematic account of the investigation that led to the first Auschwitz trials in post-war Germany.

Set in post-war Germany, a journalist (André Szymanski) identifies a teacher in the playground as a former guard from Auschwitz but no one wants to take notice. However, a young prosecutor (Alexander Fehling) takes on the case and cannot even be stopped by his boss.

On a lighter note, Beta Cinema is also introducing the partly-animated English-language family movie Ghost Hunters On Icy Trails, an adaptation of Cornelia Funke’s bestselling novel that was translated into 20 languages.

As previously announced, Beta is handling romantic action screwball comedy Buddy from entertainment pro Bully Herbig,  and Bibi & Tina from filmmaker Detlev Buck.

Other titles Beta Cinema is handling include Berlinale favourites Stations Of The Cross and Jack by Edward Berger.

The company is also representing Maximilian Erlenwein’s feverish thriller Stereo which stars Juergen Vogel and Moritz Bleibtreu. Another title on its slate is The Physician, starring Ben Kingsley, Stellan Skarsgard and Tom Payne.