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Chinese comedy Never Say Die beats Sony’s new release Blade Runner 2049 and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Meanwhile, It becomes the highest grossing horror film of all time internationally. Blade Runner 2049 is top Hollywood film internationally.


Yang Song and Chiyu Zhang’s comedy Never Say Die grossed $66m to come in first place at the international box office, taking the crown from Kingsman: The Golden Circle and ahead of Sony’s new release Blade Runner 2049. The film starring Allen Ai, Xue Haowen, Li Ma, and Teng Shen stands at $221m and earned $2.5m at the IMAX box office, for a nine-day IMAX total of $5.5m.

Jing Wong’s Chasing The Dragon, starring Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, and Philip Leung, grossed $17.6m for fifth place at the international box office. The film stands at $60m internationally.

Martin Campbell’s The Foreigner ended the weekend on $23.1m. The film starring Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Rufus Jones, and Katie Leung will be released in the US on October 13. The film earned $500,000 at the IMAX box office, brining its nine-day IMAX total to $4m.


UPDATED: Blade Runner 2049 debuted on $49.2m in just 61% of its international footprint at the weekend and captured the number one spot in 45 of its 63 markets.

Sony executives noted that the sci-fi sequel’s $49.2m debut put it in the same class of films that had earned good reviews and strong box office returns such as Gravity, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Martian.

As a comparison, The Martian brought in $44.6m from its international opening weekend, while Gravity had a $28.4m opening weekend. Mad Max: Fury Road grossed $224.8m internationally, which represents 59.3% of its worldwide total.

Blade Runner 2049 stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling and grossed $7.9m in the UK, which is on par with Interstellar and 15% ahead of Mad Max: Fury Road. Australia launched on $3.5m, which is ahead of both Interstellar and Gravity. Russia generated $5m, beating both Gravity and Mad Max: Fury Road.

France generated 3.8m, Germany $3.3m, Spain $2.6m, Italy $2.4m, Brazil $1.9m, and Mexico $1.5m. Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi sequel debuts in South Korea this week. 

The Emoji Movie grossed a further $3.9m from more than 2,500 screens in 47 markets for an international total of $115.2m. Flatliners, starring Ellen Page, Diego Luna, and Nina Dobrev, added $1.5m from 21 markets for a running international total of $6m. Mexico is the next market to release on October 13.


UPDATED: Kingsman: The Golden Circle grossed $25m from 69 markets. Matthew Vaughn’s sequel had excellent holds in South Korea, where it produced $8m for $32.2m; in the UK on $2.7m for $25.3m; and in Germany, where it generated $1.5m for $7.9m. In Australia, the film grossed $1.6m for a running total of $12.7m. Kingsman: The Golden Circle now stands at $173.2m. Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens in France and Argentina this week.

The Mountain Between Us launched in 11 markets over the weekend, collecting $3.7m. The film starring Idris Elba and Kate Winslet grossed $1.1m in Mexico; $1m in the UK; and $581,000 in Russia. The film opens in five additional markets this week, including Belgium and Australia. Judwaa 2, from Fox International Productions and FoxStar, earned $3.2m from two markets. India generated $3.1m and repeats at number one in the market for the second weekend in a row, taking the international sum to $22.3m.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie added $2.3m from seven markets for $40.1m. Australia generated $1.1m, down only 8% from last week, while France produced $712,000. The animation opens in Brazil, Germany, and Holland this week. War For The Planet Of The Apes added $1.1m, lifting the international total to $338.3m as it prepares to open in Japan this week.


UPDATED: Warner Bros horror smash It  has become the highest grossing horror film of all time internationally. Andy Muschietti’s film grossed another $20.1m on 7,020 screens in 64 international markets over the weekend, lifting the running international total to $299.1m, and bringing the worldwide tally to $604.4m. In its second weekend, Germany returned a number one ranking and $6.5m on 710 screens as the film dropped 39% from its record-breaking debut. The film stands at $24.5m there, and will receive its third Bogey Award for pulling in more than two million admissions in just 11 days.

The UK is It’s top grossing market on $40.7m, followed by Mexico on $26.5m, Germany on $24.5m, Russia on $18.3m, Brazil on $18.2m, and Australia on $18.2m.

France has generated $14.9m, while Spain has produced $12m, Argentina $9.6m, Sweden $6.7m, South Korea $6.4m, and Indonesia $6m. There are no new openings this week. 

The LEGO Ninjago Movie grossed $7.2m on 7,765 screens in 61 markets for a running total of $35.9m. Germany is the top market on $4.2m, followed by Australia on $3.8m, Russia on $3.3m, Poland on $1.7m, Spain on $1.5m, Brazil  on $1.3m, and Mexico on $1.2m. The animation featuring the voices onf Jackie Chan, Dave Franco, and Fred Armisen debuts in the UK, France, and Italy this week.


UPDATED: Victoria And Abdul opened in four more territories this weekend for a total of 32 territories in release, grossing $3.1m for a $25.1m international running total. The historical drama starring Judi Dench and Ali Fazal debuted in France at number eight on $403,000.  The Philippines generated $47,000, while Trinidad took in $22,000. The UK added $607,000 during its fourth weekend for a total of $11.1m. Germany produced $522,000 in week four for $1.8m. The film opens in India, Pakistan and Thailand this week.

Tom Cruise action adventure American Made grossed $1.8m in 58 territories to raise the international total to $68.2m. Combined with North America’s total of $30.8m, the worldwide total is $99m. France generated $437,000 for a total of $4.6m. Doug Liman’s film will debut in Russia and Ukraine this week.

Family comedy Woody Woodpecker, which mixes animation and live-action, debuted in Brazil on $1.5m, where it ranks behind Blade Runner 2049. The film will release theatrically in the rest of Latin America starting in January 2018.

Illumination’s Despicable Me 3 added $1.3m in 40 territories for a total of $762.7m. With $262.6m from North America, the film stands at  $1.025bn worldwide. DM3 just passed Zootopia with $1.024bn to become the fifth-highest grossing animated film worldwide. Finding Dory is within reach at number four on $1.028bn. Japan is the top holdover at number six in week 12 on $233,000 for $65.5m. China is the top market on $152.3m, followed by the UK on $61.9m, Germany $43.3m, France $40.9m, and Brazil $38.9m.

Amblin Entertainment and Walden Media’s A Dog’s Purpose is holding strong in Japan’s second weekend at number two on $981,000 for a total of $4m. The international total including non-Universal box office is $136.7m. When combined with North America’s total of $64.3m, the worldwide total is $201m.


mother! grossed $1.6m from 37 markets including one new opening in Hong Kong, which delivered $69,000 at 15 locations. Darren Aronofsky’s arthouse horror now stands at $21.8m internationally. During its third weekend in Brazil, the film grossed $306,000 for a $1.9m market total. Spain generated $273,000 in week two for $1.2m. Mexico delivered $144,000 in week three for $1.9m. The UK produced $58,000 in week four for $3m.


UPDATED: Cars 3 added a further $3.3m from 10 active territories for $221.7. Disney and Pixar’s animation dropped just 12% from last weekend in Austria on $1m, which is good enough for second place behind It and ahead of new opener Blade Runner 2049. The film dipped 25% from last weekend in Germany on $6.5m, where it ranks number three behind It and Blade Runner 2049. China is the top grossing market on $20.7m, followed closely by France on $19.5m, and Japan on $16m.


My Little Pony: The Movie rode to $3.8m from 49 markets for its initial international rollout. Germany is the top grossing market on $676,000, followed by Mexico on $533,000, and Poland on $411,000. The animation debuts in Russia this week, followed by France and the UK in the following weeks.