GFM records deals out of Cannes on Terry Jones’ comedy [pictured], among others.

UK sales and financing outfit GFM Films has given details of sales racked up in the way of last month’s Cannes market.

One title that has caught buyers’ attention is Absolutely Anything, directed by Monty Python’s Terry Jones and starring Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale.

Following earlier deals, the film has now gone to Ocean Films for France and Parco for Japan. 

The film recently completed principal photography and is now embarking on an extensive post production period with CGI being produced at London based Nvizible. Delivery is scheduled for February 2015 with the UK release through Lionsgate set for early next summer.

The news that Netflix has acquired Harlock: Space Pirate for its “Premier” platform for the key territories of USA, Canada, UK, Latin America, Scandinavia and Benelux helped push further sales on that title.

Telexcel for Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, Unidisc for Canada, Gospel Planet for Colombia and Manga/Anchor Bay for the UK have now all acquired Harlock with negotiations close to completion in the USA.

Spanish rights have been licensed to Surtsey Films for theatrical distribution later this year. Discussions are ongoing with Toei for a sequel with a firm start date set to be announced later this month.

Deals were also closed on the Dolph Lundgren thriller Legendary in the UK with Anchor Bay, Latin America with Swen, Australia/New Zealand with Vendetta and Scandinavia with Lucky Dogs.

Meanwhile, the Martin Sheen drama A Prayer For Rain has gone to Revolver Entertainment for North America. Revolver will release the film to tie in with the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal industrial tragedy on which the film is based.