Paris-based documentary sales outfit CAT&Docs has acquired worldwide rights to Transnistra, the latest feature from Swedish director Anna Eborn (Pine Ridge). 

The film will have its world premiere on Sunday January 27 in the Big Screen Competition at International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR, January 23 – February 3), before a domestic premiere at Gotëborg Film Festival.

Screen can reveal an exclusive first trailer for the film.

Shot on 16mm, Transnistra follows a group of young people as they move from a carefree summer through an unforgiving winter in the self-proclaimed state of Transnistria. At the forefront is Tanya, a headstrong young woman who spends her time with young men who all seem to be in love with her.

The film is produced by Sweden’s Momento Films in coproduction with Denmark’s Andomeit Films and Belgium-based Clin d’Oeil Films.