EFA members

Some of the new European Film Academy members (from top left to bottom right): Matteo Garrone (© European Film Academy), Cate Blanchett (© Joan Hernandez Mir), Maria Bakalova (© Joseph Sinclair), Cheng-Hsu Chung, Selahattin Paşalı, Cristi Puiu (© Ileana Puiu), Molly Manning Walker (© Billy Boyd Cape), Benita Sarah Bailey, Juraj Lerotić and Valentina Bellè (© Guido Stazzoni).

The European Film Academy (EFA) has added a record 709 film professionals as new members, including actress Cate Blanchett and directors Molly Manning Walker and Matteo Garrone. 

New members are invited to join EFA once a year, and the 2024 cohort has been announced on today’s Europe Day.

Other new members include Sarajevo festival director Jovan Marjanović, Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova, Anatomy Of A Fall producers David Thion and Marie-Ange Luciani, German actress and director Aylin Tezel, Greek director Sofia Exarchou, Romanian director and screenwriter Christi Puiu, and UK’s National Film and Television School head of fiction directing Lizzie Franke.

Among the new members, 49% are women, 50% are men and 1% defines as non-binary.

Most new members come from Germany (114), Italy (58), Greece (50), the UK (50), Switzerland (37), France (36) and Poland (36), but also numerous members have joined from Spain (26), Czech Republic (26), Ukraine (24), Romania (23), and Turkey (20). In total, members from 44 countries have joined. Almost a quarter are ‘young members’ under 36 years old.

Currently, the European Film Academy has over 5,000 members in 52 countries. Juliette Binoche was confirmed as the new president of the European Film Academy on May 1.