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Cineworld Cinemas

Cineworld COO Matt Eyre will relocate to the U.S. to oversee American operations, after the chain’s $3.6bn takeover of Regal Entertainment Group, Screen has confirmed.

A veteran of the cinema industry with 30 years’ experience, Eyre began his career with UCI, worked various roles at Warner Bros International Cinemas across 17 years including Vice President of Operations for 10 territories, and joined Cineworld in 2005 as Senior Vice President in charge of operations.

Chief Commercial Officer Renana Teperberg has also been involved with the Regal-Cineworld exchange, making visits to Regal’s Knoxville, Tennessee headquarters, but is not expected to move permanently to the States.

Cineworld has committed to improving standards at Regal sites in America. Several senior Regal figures, including CEO Amy Miles, President and COO Greg Dunn and SVP, chief content and programming officer Steve Bunnell, stepped down following the takeover.

First reported in Screen in November last year, terms were agreed on the Regal purchase in December 2017, with the deal becoming final on February 28 2018.

In January Cineworld reported revenue increases of 11.6% across 2017; the Regal acquisition gives the company a combined screen count of 9,542 across the US and Europe.

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