UK cinema chain Cineworld has launched its first-ever Movie Planner.

Cinema-goers will be offered the opportunity to download the release dates of their most anticipated films into their personal calendars using the new planner.

The Planner was built by digital creative agency, Catch, and is designed to let people know when films are released at the cinema.

It has been designed for use on any smartphone, desktop and tablet device across Apple, Android and Windows. Users can synchronise the planner to their individual iCal, Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook account calendars.

Users access the Planner via a feed on the Cineworld website or through the Cineworld Facebook page.

In addition, when a film is released at a Cineworld cinema, users will either receive a calendar alert or push-notification (dependent on their settings) to let them know about the release along with the option to book tickets at