Priscilla Ross Smith

Source: Clear Horizon

Priscilla Ross Smith

David Brown’s Los Angeles-based sales and production company Clear Horizon has hired Priscilla Ross Smith as executive vice-president of international sales and acquisitions.

Smith is based in France, and attends Toronto alongside Clear Horizon president Giulia Prenna with a slate that includes new title Thunderbird, a sci-fi from Nicholas Treeshin about a fisherman who encounters the eponymous First Nations legend, coming-of-age tale Gringa starring Steve Zahn and Jess Gabor, and The Collected, the third entry in The Collector horror franchise.

Smith previously served as president of worldwide sales at Archstone Distribution and sold in Cannes 10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up starring Christina Ricci. Her sales credits include The Human Centipede franchise.

Clear Horizon launched in Cannes and its production pipeline includes The Late Shift from The Collector franchise producer Brett Forbes.