Dailymotion to exclusively screen alternative take on the London Riots.

Video portal Dailymotion is to screen the online premiere of documentary Riot from Wrong

The film tells the story of 2011 London riots through the eyes of 14 young people. The documentary explores how the lack of attention from the media and police regarding the riots affected these people.

It is presented by Future Artists and produced by Fully Focused Productions.  Dailymotion will host the film for seven days this week. The film has previously been screened at a variety of independent venues, including schools and universities. 

March Echyenne, head of international content for Dailymotion, said: “The deal highlights how independent content creators are increasingly looking to social media to distribute their content. This is not a slick over-produced documentary designed to make as much money as possible, it is an honest film created by people who genuinely care about this issue.”

“At the time people were scared and understandably reacted emotionally,” said Mark Ashmore, founder of Future Artists. “Two years later we have the opportunity to reappraise the events and take a more rational view.”