Deluxe plans to extend its new digital delivery network to more than 8,000 cinemas across EMEA by end of 2018.

Deluxe Digital Cinema (DDC) has delivered the first feature film to cinemas via its new point-to-point digital delivery network, Deluxe Connect.

Ridley Scott’s The Counsellor, released by Twentieth Century Fox in the UK on Nov 15, has been sent to 21 cinemas electronically via Deluxe Connect.

Deluxe intends to roll out the delivery system to more than 8,000 cinemas across EMEA over the next five years. 

Technology company HP is Deluxe’s strategic partner in building the technical infrastructure. The rollout to cinemas is already underway, according to Deluxe.

The system includes delivery of current features, advertising, local content or titles from an archive using broadband distribution.

Mark Burton, md of Deluxe Digital Cinema EMEA said: “DDC set itself an ambitious target to get Deluxe Connect up and running before the end of the year. We have achieved that now and most importantly this means that distributors and exhibitors can start to reap the benefits of a more flexible and efficient digital delivery model.”