Deal to strengthen the partnership between the two countries on film and television productions signed in Cannes.

An agreement to strengthen the partnership between Denmark and New Zealand on film and television productions has been signed in Cannes.

Henrik Bo Niels, CEO of the Danish Film Institute, and New Zealand Film Commission’s Dave Gibson signed the co-production agreement, which provides new opportunities for collaboration between the two countries’ film and television industries.

Under the new agreement, Danish films can apply for funding in New Zealand and vice versa, while it will also make the process easier in terms of attaining residence permits and the importation of film equipment.

Nielsen commented: “We are really pleased to have reached an agreement with New Zealand. It gives us great opportunities for launching new and exciting projects. We have similar treaties with Canada and France; this time we have made sure to cover the entire audiovisual field, thus including television, computer games and cross-media in the agreement.”

The agreement follows the Berlin premiere of New Zealand director Daniel Joseph Borgman’s debut feature The Weight of Elephants, which was the first unofficial co-production between the two countries.