UK doc distributor Dogwoof has struck a series of new partnerships with distributors around the world.

The company has tied with Doc Lounge (Scandinavia), Ambulante (Mexico), Doc Aviv On The Road (Israel) and Bio Paradis (Iceland).

The idea behind the loose alliance is to provide films to these partners and, in return, to help the partners get their films shown in the UK.

Titles that Dogwoof and Ambulante have been working on together include Town Of Runners and The House I Live In.

Dogwoof chairman and founder Andy Whitaker confirmed that, at a time when UK independent distributors struggle to access screens in their domestic markets, Dogwoof is seeking homes for its films beyond national borders.

“It is very informal. It is about extending what we do and extending our reach,” Whitaker said.

The move comes as Dogwoof gathers finance for increased involvement in production and competes for rights to the highest-profile feature documentaries.

“We are trying to be the premier brand in documentary around the world,” Whitaker added.

The Dogwoof boss confirmed that the Co-Op supermarket chain was now on board to support the UK release of Jeff Orlowski’s Sundance winner Chasing Ice.

“They are underwriting the campaign,” Whitaker said. The Co- Op is expected to invest up to £50,000 in supporting the P&A.

There are plans to screen the film in non-traditional venues, possibly even some of the Co-Op’s stores.

Recent Dogwoof pick-ups include Village at the End of the World, F**k for Forest, Spirit of 45 and The House I Live In.