Documentaries about the effects of the internet on children and a personal account of one of the last remaining dictator states in the world are currently screening at IDFA.

Dogwoof Global has made theatrical sale deals for InRealLife by Beeban Kidron to Canada (Kinosmith) and Australia (Vendetta) and has also sold Dangerous Acts by Madeleine Sackler to Canada (Kinosmith).

Both films are currently in selection at IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam).

The sales were brokered by Ana Vicente, head of theatrical sales at Dogwoof Global with Robin Smith, president of Kinosmith, and Jill McNab of Vendetta Films.

InRealLife, directed by Beeban Kidron (Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason) is a Sky Atlantic / BFI-funded feature and travels from the bedrooms of British teenagers to Silicon Valley, to find out what exactly the internet is doing to our children.

Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus by Madeleine Sackler, produced by Andrea Meditch, is an account of one of the last remaining dictator states in the world.

Seen through the eyes of the dissident theatre group the Belarus Free Theatre, whose supporters include Jude Law and Tom Stoppard, the film is made up of smuggled footage from hidden cameras and interviews with members of the group.

Dangerous Acts is slated for HBO Documentary summer slot in 2014.

During IDFA (Nov 20-Dec 1), Dogwoof will be asking audience members, attendees and filmmakers to think about and share their own dangerous act.

The My Dangerous Act campaign will seek to highlight how brave the Belarus Free Theatre is in the face of such harsh oppression.