Pirates Down The Street

Source: Nijenhuis & Co

Pirates Down The Street

DFW International has sold a slew of major European territories on Pim van Hoeve’s Dutch live-action family film Pirates Down The Street. The film has been bought by Studio Hamburg Enterprises (Germany), Imago Company (Italy), and Planeta Inform (Russia and the Baltic states)

Pirates Down The Street is an adaptation of the Reggie Naus’ book series about the Blunderbuss family, a sword-fighting, rum-drinking bunch of pirates who take up residence in a small coastal town.  Tygo Gernandt and Egbert-Jan Weeber star. 

DFW International, the sales arm affiliated to leading Benelux distributor Dutch FilmWorks, first presented the film to  international buyers at the virtual American Film Market in November. The film also recently won the youth jury prize at the Schlingel International Film Festival in the German city of Chemnitz.

The film was produced by Johan Nijenhuis and Ingmar Menning of Amsterdam-based  Nijenhuis & Co; it received a Golden Film award in the Netherlands and attracted over 200,000 visitors when it was released earlier this year.