EFP board 2021

Source: EFP

(Clockwise from top left) Eda Koppel, Daniela Elstner, Simone Baumann, Briony Hanson, Stine Oppegaard, Arben Zharku, Markéta Šantrochová

European Film Promotion (EFP) has elected a new board of directors, including senior figures from Unifrance and German Films.

The film promotion organisation has named three members newly appointed to the board: Daniela Elstner, UniFrance executive director; Simone Baumann, German Films managing director; and Eda Koppel, head of marketing at the Estonian Film Institute.

Returning to the board are Markéta Šantrochová, head of Czech Film Center; Stine Oppegaard, manager, international relations feature films at the Norwegian Film Institute; Arben Zharku, director of the Kosovo Cinematography Center; and Briony Hanson, director of film at the British Council.

Šantrochová and Oppegaard will retain their board roles as president and vice president respectively. The term of office runs for two years.

Acknowledging the pandemic, Šantrochová said: “The past 14 months have been particularly challenging for EFP, but, together with my colleagues on the board and all the members from the 38 different national film institutes, we managed to stand together and pool the individual knowhow of all our European colleagues.

“That was of fundamental importance for each one of us during this difficult period with the pandemic, it gave us all a greater sense of stability and showed us ways of being able to develop common solutions to ‘master’ the situation.”

The promotional body launched its Europe! Calls initiative last May, meeting once a week with sales companies, distributors, festival representatives, markets and other industry professionals to exchange ideas and discuss strategies on how to manage the ongoing crisis.