Ross Bispham launches new online service, Ignite Film Fans, to help build a fan base for movie projects.

Former guerrilla marketing executive at Revolver Entertainment, Ross Bispham, has resurfaced with new venture Ignite Film Fans.

The online platform is designed to help independent producers and filmmakers in the UK build a dedicated fan base for their projects during development and production stages.

Members of the public are encourage to sign up to the service and offer their backing to individual films in return for exclusive content and rewards direct from the filmmakers, includingsigned scripts, behind the scenes footage, artwork, set visits, extra work and tickets to screenings and premieres.

Bispham said: “A lot of truly fantastic concepts and productions fail to get off the ground one way or another these days. By building a dedicated fan base, Ignite Film Fans will help these productions to be noticed and get the kind of attention and backing they deserve. We are committed to supporting and showcasing the very best emerging talent and independent productions across the UK and championing the British film industry.”