Felicity Huffman

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Felicity Huffman

The actor Felicity Huffman will serve 14 days in prison for her part in the college admissions scandal and becomes the first parent to be sentenced.

Huffman reports to prison on October 25 and was also handed a fine of $30,000, 250 hours of community service, and one year of supervised release. She told the court in Boston on Friday (13) that she accepted her punishment “without reservation”.

The star of Desperate Housewives and Transamerica pleaded guilty in May to one count of conspiracy and fraud in a deal with prosecutors after it emerged that she paid $15,000 to a consultant William ‘Rick’ Singer to inflate her daughter’s SAT college entrance scores under a scheme.

Her husband, the actor William H. Macy, was not charged and Huffman said her daughter knew nothing about the payment.

To date around 50 people have been charged in the college admissions scandal.

In a statement issued after the sentencing, Huffman said,I accept the court’s decision today without reservation. I have always been prepared to accept whatever punishment Judge Talwani imposed. I broke the law. I have admitted that and I pleaded guilty to this crime. There are no excuses or justifications for my actions. Period.

“I would like to apologize again to my daughter, my husband, my family and the educational community for my actions. And I especially want to apologize to the students who work hard every day to get into college, and to their parents who make tremendous sacrifices supporting their children. I have learned a lot over the last six months about my flaws as a person.

“My goal now is to serve the sentence that the court has given me. I look forward to doing my community service hours and making a positive impact on my community. I also plan to continue making contributions wherever I can well after those service hours are completed. I can promise you that in the months and years to come that I will try and live a more honest life, serve as a better role model for my daughters and family and continue to contribute my time and energies wherever I am needed. My hope now is that my family, my friends and my community will forgive me for my actions.”