EXCLUSIVE: German kids adventure Fiddlesticks has been snapped up buyers following its market premiere.

Following a deal with Farbfilm for theatrical release in Germany and Austria in October, the feature has been sold to France (Pretty Pictures), Czech Republic and Slovakia (Film Europe) and Romania (Metropolis).

Deals for Benelux and Norway to be announced soon, according to director Veit Helmer, who is coordinating theatrical sales himself while BetaFilm handles TV sales.

Fiddlesticks tells the story of six youngsters who try and free their grandparents from and old people’s home, with a cast that includes Benno Fürmann and Fritzi Haberlandt.

Pretty Pictures’ James Velaise said: “What a delight to discover a really fun live action European film (such a rarity these days) for children from four years old and all the way up to watching with parents. My four year boy screened it in German with delight and gave me the big thumbs up so that was enough to signal that we had to have Veit Helmer’s highly original, inventive and very entertaining film.The four year olds who play in the film are all to die for.”