UK-based Greenway Entertainment has struck a deal with ZSS Entertainment in the US to produce 12 films together over the next six years.

The new features to emerge from the co-production partnership will be shot mainly in the US, UK, Morocco and Dubai.

Titles include:

  • Borley (Horror)
  • The Dark Matter (Sci-Fi)
  • Vision (Thriller)
  • The Voice Of Silence (Drama)
  • Zombie: The Musical (Musical)
  • Haunted 2 (Horror)
  • Tales Of The Supernatural 2 (Horror)
  • The Loch (Thriller)
  • The Book (Thriller)

Greenway Entertainment, run by Steven M Smith, has produced indie features for the past eight years. Upcoming films include Haunted, Tales of the Supernatural and portmanteau The Demon.

Smith said: “Options are in place to get our first film off the ground in early 2014 filming in London, LA, Dubai and Morocco.”