Kaleidoscope to sell new family-adventure also with voice of Stephen Fry.

Nicholas Hoult, Gemma Arterton and Stephen Fry are set to voice new family-animation Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen.

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Alexander Williams, an animator on The Lion King and Pocahontas will direct from a script by Chris Brown, one of the original writers of US sitcom Friends.

Production is due to get underway this September on the story of a feud between the everyday utensils and the best silver, cutlery from opposite sides of the table.

The feature will be sold by UK sales and distribution outfit Kaleidoscope (KFD), which retains UK distribution rights.

KFD inked a deal for the film with production outfit A Polished Productions, whose producer Bob Thompson is a veteran of the BBC and LEGO and most recently produced CGI feature Ultramarines with John Hurt and Terence Stamp.

Williams said: “Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen is a fantasy adventure aimed squarely at a family audience, but with enough sophisticated wit to keep the grown-ups happy.

“To me the best animated films invite the audience in to a world that they have never seen before - and could not possibly see outside of the medium of animation. We want to bring a familiar world to life in a completely unfamiliar way - what really happens in the kitchen after dark, when the humans leave?”

Spencer Pollard, CEO of KFD said: “We expect a lot of interest from the market and it should be a busy time in Toronto and the upcoming AFM. The film has all the right ingredients to be a potential global theatrical family smash with excellent animation, a very fun script and A-List voice talent both for the UK and international market.”