Fox-owned Blue Skies Studios and Tribeca Film signed up.

IPR License, a global digital licensing platform for authors, publishers and literary agents, has begun allowing production companies to search and secure book rights. It follows the recent success of book adaptations at this year’s Academy Awards.

The company has over 13 million records now on their platform and those looking to purchase rights can use their search facility to locate works of specific interest to them. IPR’s messaging system allows members to contact the rights-holder directly.

Blue Skies Studios, owned by 20th Century Fox, and Tribeca Film are among those who recently signed-up for the service. 

“The Oscars have really worked to showcase just how successful book adaptations can be,” said managing director of IPR License Tom Chalmers. “It really does underline how film producers of all sizes and budgets are turning to book adaptations in their droves.”

Silver Linings Playbook was adapted from the 2008 novel by the same name and saw lead actress Jennifer Lawrence win an Oscar for her performance as well as Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln, based on the 2005 Doris Kearns Goodwin biography Team of Rivals. Life of Pi, which won for best director, was based on the 2001 novel by Yann Martel.