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‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

JUNE 9 UPDATE: Universal’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has grossed $108.7m through Saturday and is on course for a $145.9m weekend according to executives.

It has produced the biggest opening day in industry history in South Korea, and also Universal’s highest in that territory and Hong Kong.

South Korea stands at $26.3m, the UK $18.9m, France $9.6m, Germany $9m, Taiwan $8.1m, Spain $7.7m, Russia $7.6m, India $7.5m, Indonesia $5.3m, Philippines $4.5m, Hong Kong $4m, Vietnam $2m.

JUNE 8 REPORT: Universal’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdomreached $39.3m after its first two days of international release and stands at $11.5m after the record-breaking debut in South Korea, executives said on Friday.

The summer tentpole opened on Thursday in a further 23 markets, adding some $19.1m after Wednesday’s launch. It opens on Friday in the UK, Sweden, and Taiwan, among others, and debuts in North America on June 22. 

France has delivered $3.2m after two days. Good weather across Europe will impact results, however executives remain confident of a strong overall weekend number. Industry estimates earlier in the week put the weekend tally in the $135m-$140m region.

Further details from Thursday’s launches were unavailable at time of writing.

ORIGINAL JUNE 7 REPORT: Universal’s early summer tentpole Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom grossed $20.2m on its first international day led by a sensational record-breaking debut in South Korea as the film ventures into 48 markets this weekend.

South Korea produced $9.7m (10.3bn KRW) and more than one million admissions to become the biggest opening day of all-time for both metrics. The dinosaurs beat previous opening day records of 7.4bn KRW held by The Mummy and 980,000 admissions held by Avengers: Infinity War.

In other notable Wednesday results, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom earned $1.7m in France for 60% market share, $1m in Indonesia for the second highest Wednesday opening for Universal behind The Fate Of The Furious, and $865,000 in Germany for 55% share.

The Philippines produced $732,000, Belgium $156,000, and French-speaking Switzerland $47,000. 

Previews have been extremely strong as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ventured into the UK on $2.9m for Universal’s second highest Wednesday preview result. Singapore delivered the fourth highest single day of previews on $264,000, while Malaysia generated $441,000.

The action sequel directed by J. A. Bayona and starring Chris Pratt and Dallas Bryce Howard is expected to gross $135m-$140m this weekend and arrives today (Thursday June 7) in Bayona’s home turf Spain, alongside Italy, Russia, and Middle East. Friday brings debuts in the UK, Sweden, and Taiwan, among others.

China and Egypt are set for June 15. One week later the film debuts in North America (June 22) and arrives day-and-date in a number of markets including Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. While this weekend’s initial wave of releases avoids the start of the World Cup in Russia on June 14, the teams of all four aforementioned countries and indeed many others will be in action over the weekend of June 22.

With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom expected to make all the noise this weekend, Avengers: Infinity War now looks more likely to cross $2bn worldwide next week. The Marvel Studios smash has reached $1.978bn worldwide and $1.331bn through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International. Lucasfilm’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, a rare miss for the studio, stands at $124m internationally and opens in no new territories this week.

Deadpool 2 has amassed $352.2m in little time through Fox International, while gay rom-com Love, Simon stands at an early $17.4m with 22 territories to come. It opens this weekend in Greece and Croatia. Wes Anderson’s stop-motion animation Isle Of Dogs on $28.9m arrives this weekend in Peru.

Ocean’s 8 starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, and Sarah Paulson opens day-and-date with North America in Australia, Mexico and Brazil this weekend via Warner Bros Pictures International.

Executives report that Dwayne Johnson action tentpole Rampage has grossed $322.9m, while Melissa McCarthy comedy Life Of The Party has reached an early $8.9m, while crime caper Game Night stands at $48.2m, and Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi hit Ready Player One is on $444.4m.

Paramount Pictures International executives reported that family animation Sherlock Gnomes has reached $40.6m, while horror hit A Quiet Place stands at $137.6m. Peter Rabbit stands at $231.2m through Sony Pictures Releasing International.