Cutting Edge Sydney has hired Simon Maddison as VFX Supervisor and creative lead.

He had been one of the founders of Fuel VFX and his recent work includes Iron Man 2, The Avengers and Cowboys and Aliens, plus commericals work for Virgin, Gucci and Sony.

“I’m excited by making things that are new. In an industry that is always moving forward at a break neck speed it’s a wonderful challenge to try and harness that. In my opinion if it’s never been seen before and it gets peoples’ attention in a positive way then I’ve done my job,” said Maddison.

“The other thing is the mediums that we have at our disposal right now. In today’s environment the delivery of any given message feels almost limitless. Finding new and exciting ways of achieving that is the next challenge we have in front of us and I intend to play a part in that.”

Michael Burton, Cutting Edge CEO, added: “Simon’s driven by two things. Firstly innovation. He loves to see our industry progress both technically and from a storytelling point of view. To get those two things just right can be incredibly powerful.”