Terrence Malick producer to team with award-winning musician Ryan Bingham on comedy-drama, set to star Imogen Poots.

Nicolas Gonda, best known for his collaborations with Terrence Malick, will produce Anna Axster’s directorial debut A Country Called Home.

With a score and soundtrack curated by award-winning musician Ryan Bingham, the comedy-drama will star Imogen Poots as Ellie, a young woman who finds her jaded world unexpectedly shaken when she finds out that her estranged father has died.

The film marks Bingham’s debut as a feature film’s music producer and is set to be marked with a live tour of the music.

Filming is estimated to begin on location in Texas early next year, pending a successful Kickstarter campaign currently running until Jan 15, 2014.

Fans can donate pledges ranging from $5 to $10,000 with a range of unique experiences offered as rewards, including name recognition in the end credits and being an extra in the film.

Axster commented: “It’s so great that artists and creatives can reach out through this platform on Kickstarter and literally anyone can be a patron of their projects and become a part of a community that forms around these ideas. As collaborative as filmmaking already is, this adds a whole new level of collaboration between filmmaker and audience.”

The filmmakers are also planning to take the film’s music on the tour.