Kinuyo Tanaka

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Kinuyo Tanaka

Two documentaries from Mark Cousins and restored films from Kinuyo Tanaka, Oscar Micheaux, and Orson Welles will screen in Cannes Classics, announced on Wednesday (June 23).

Cousins’ The Story Of Film: A New Generation and The Storms Of Jeremy Thomas, a profile of the celebrated British producer, are among a documentary line-up that incudes Buñuel, Un Cineasta Surrealista from Javier Espada, and All About Yves Montand by Yves Jeuland.

The roster of restored narrative films includes David Lynch’s 2001 Mulholland Drive, Japanese actor-filmmaker Kinuyo Tanaka’s (pictured) The Moon Has Risen, pioneering African American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux’s 1931 Murder In Harlem, Krzysztof Kieślowski’s The Double Life Of Véronique with Irène Jacob in attendance, and Welles’ F For Fake.

Tilda Swinton, in Competition with Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Memoria, will attend a restored screening of Peter Wollen’s 1987 UK film Friendship’s Death, in which she made an early-career performance.

A Tribute to Bill Duke

The Killing Floor (1985, USA). Duke and executive producer and co-screenwriter Elsa Rassbach will attend.

Kinuyo Tanaka, actress and filmmaker

The Moon Has Risen (Tsuki Wa Noborinu, 1955, Japan) by Kinuyo Tanaka. Screening precedes forthcoming retrospective of six of the actor and filmmaker’s films.

Ana Mariscal, Spain in the feminine form

The Path (El Camino, 1964, Spain) by pioneering Iberian actor and filmmaker Ana Mariscal

Oscar Micheaux

Murder In Harlem (1935, USA) by Oscar Micheaux, cited by Cannes Classics as the first African American director in the history of American cinema.

Followed by: Oscar Micheaux – The Superhero Of Black Filmmaking (Italy) by Francesco Zippel, who will be in attendance

Orfeu Negro, Palme d’or in 1959

Black Orfeus (Orfeu Negro, 1959, France-Brazil-Italy) by Marcel Camus. Solaris Distribution to release Palme d’Or winner in France in second half of the year.

Rossellini and Les Cahiers du Cinema

The Flowers Of St. Francis (Francesco, Giullare Di Dio, 1950, Italy) by Roberto Rossellini.

All the restored films of Cannes Classics 2021:

The Hussy (La Drôlesse, 1978, France) by Jacques Doillon, who will be in attendance

I Know Where I’m Going! (1945, UK) by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

Lumumba: Death Of A Prophet (Lumumba: La Mort du Prophète, 1990, France-Germany-Switzerland-Belgium-Haiti) by Raoul Peck

Friendship’s Death (1987, UK) by Peter Wollen. Tilda Swinton in attendance

Bal Poussière (1989, Ivory Coast) by Henri Duparc

The Double Life Of Véronique (La Double Vie De Véronique, 1991, France-Poland) by Krzysztof Kieślowski. Irène Jacob in attendance

F For Fake (1973, France-Iran-Germany) by Orson Welles

Demon Pond (Yashagaike, 1979, Japan) by Masahiro Shinoda

The War Is Over (La Guerre Est Finie, 1966, France) by Alain Resnais

Not Delivered (Échec Au Porteur, 1957, France) by Gilles Grangier

Louise (Chère Louise, 1972, France-Italy) by Philippe de Broca

Journal In Time / Diary For My Children (Napló Gyermekeimnek, 1983, Hungary) by Márta Mészáros. Director Mészáros and DOP Nyika Jancsó in attendance

The Cassandra Cat (Až Přijde Kocour, 1963, Czech Republic) by Vojtech Jasný. Actor Emília Vašáryová in attendance

Repentance (Monanieba, 1984, Georgia) by Tenguiz Abouladzé. Actor Avtandil Makharadze and screenwriter Nana Janelidze in attendance

The Fourteenth Day (Dan Četrnaesti, 1960, Montenegro / Serbia) by Zdravko Velimirovic

The Path Of Hope (Il Cammino Della Speranza, 1950, Italy) by Pietro Germi

Letter From An Unknown Woman (1948, USA) by Max Ophüls

Mulholland Drive (2001, USA) by David Lynch.

Cannes Classics 2021: the documentaries

The Storms Of Jeremy Thomas (UK) by Mark Cousins. Thomas and Cousins in attendance

Satoshi Kon, l’Illusionniste (France-Japan), by Pascal-Alex Vincent. Director Vincent in attendance

Buñuel, Un Cineasta Surrealista (Spain) by Javier Espada. Director Espada in attendance

All About Yves Montand (Montand Est à Nous, France) by Yves Jeuland. Director Jeuland and co-writer Vincent Josse in attendance

The Story Of Film: A New Generation by Mark Cousins (UK). Cousins in attendance

Flickering Ghosts Of Love Gone By (Et J’aime À La Fureur) by André Bonzel. Director Bonzel in attendance.