Budget boost of $600,000 covers digital distribution and more.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond has launched four new distribution support projects with an extra budget of around $600,000 (NOK3.5m) for a trial period of one year.

The focus is on supporting Nordic distributors, developing marketing experts and Nordic film roadshows for exhibitors, initiatives specifically designed to improve the circulation of Nordic films across the region and to respond to the fast changing nature of distribution in the digital world.

These new measures are the result of a review of the Fund’s overall Distribution Support and consultations with the industry.

 They come on top of the existing two distribution schemes: the Single Distribution Support - with a budget of $600,000 (NOK3.5m) per year - and Nordic High Five slate support.

Petri Kemppinen, CEO of Nordisk Film & TV Fond said: “The Fund is doubling its support for distribution and clearly demonstrates its desire to adapt to the rapid changes in the market.

“As a pan-Nordic funding body, our responsibility is to boost audience choice and availability of Nordic films across platforms and national borders in the Nordic region.”

The four new distribution initiatives are:

Digital Distribution Support

The aim of the new strategic programme is to improve the circulation of Nordic Films by reaching audiences through different platforms.

The films supported can run on digital platforms (VoD, mobile phones etc) that serve either as an addition to, or as an alternative to the traditional cinema release and broadcast television.

Candidates must have rights to the Nordic films for which they are applying and a detailed release plan on digital platforms. The budget for the one year trial period of the Digital Distribution Support is $330,000 (NOK2m). The support is not subject to reimbursement.

Recruited Audience Screening Support

The purpose is to allow Nordic distributors to assess market potential of non-national Nordic films they are considering licensing with a ‘mini’ Recruited Audience Screening (with funds dedicated to screening costs and if necessary local subtitling) via a single grant support of a maximum $6,600 (NOK40,000). The support is not subject to reimbursement.

Nordic Film Marketing Support

This new scheme has been specifically designed to help distributors hire and develop marketing specialists whose task would be to work exclusively on the theatrical and/or VOD release of one to three Nordic films for up to a one year period, with focus on social media and younger audiences.

The Nordic Film Marketing Support is intended to complement the Fund’s existing Single Project Support and High Five slate support.

The budget for the one year trial period of the Nordic Film Marketing Support is $170,000 (NOK1m).

Nordic Film Promotion for Exhibitors

Exhibitors decide what films are going to play in cinemas. It is therefore essential to increase their awareness of non-national Nordic films and talents.

 As part of the ‘Nordic Film Promotion for Exhibitors’ initiative, the Fund will attend distributors/exhibitors trade conventions in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and present a show-reel of upcoming Nordic films, where possible in the presence of Nordic talents.

Applications for Digital Distribution, Recruited Audience Screening and Nordic Film Marketing Support will be open early March when the guidelines are finalised and published.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond is also the administrator of the Nordic Council Film Prize and both arranges and hosts the annual Nordic Talents held each autumn in Copenhagen.