Lux Pascal


Lux Pascal

Emerging star Lux Pascal, whose credits include Narcos, has joined the cast of Chilean director Alicia Scherson’s next film Summer War

The co-production reunites Chile’s Araucaria Cine, Le Tiro from Argentina, and Nadador Cine from Uruguay.

Summer War will centre on a US champion of the board game Third Reich whose peaceful summer holiday in 1989 is shattered when a tourist mysteriously disappears at sea.

Scherson is adapting the screenplay from celebrated Chilean author Roberto Bolaño’s novel The Third Reich, which was discovered among his papers following his death in 2010.

Pascal, who is the sister of The Last Of Us and The Mandolorian’s Pedro Pascal, will co-star with international cast led by Canada’s Dan Beirne, Spanish-Chilean actress Aline Küppenheim, and Argentinian actors Agustín Pardella and Malena Sánchez.

Producton is scheduled for the summer.

The Santiago-born Scherson has earned international festival recognition, winning awards and garnering nominations at Karlovy Vary for Play, Rotterdam for Il Futuro and Sundance for Family Life.

She previously adapted Bolaño’s A Little Lumpen Novelita into Il Futuro, starring Manuela Martelli and Rutger Hauer.