Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Seventh Code and Takashi Miike’s The Mole Song added to the competition titles.

The Rome Film Festival has revealed its line-up of features, including 12 world premieres among 18 competition titles.

The festival, which runs from Nov 8-17, will include 71 features in the official selection as well 11 medium-length films and 19 shorts.

A total of 1,542 features and 1,078 short films were submitted from 76 countries, according to the festival.

The competition (‘Concorso’) films include:

WP = World Premiere
IP = International Premiere
ItP = Italian Premiere

  • Another Me, Isabel Coixet (Spain-UK) WP
  • I Am Not Him, Tayfun Pirselimoglu (Tur-Fra-Gre-Ger) WP
  • Foreign Bodies, Mirko Locatelli (Italy) WP
  • Dallas Buyers Club, Jean-Marc Vallée (US) ItP
  • Sheep’s Clothing, Paulo Morelli (Brazil) IP
  • Acrid, Kiarash Asadizadeh (Iran) WP
  • Her, Spike Jonze (US) IP
  • Blue Sky Bones, Jian Cui (China) WP
  • Manto Acuífero, Michael Rowe (Mexico) IP
  • The Mole Song, Takashi Miike (Japan) WP
  • Out Of The Furnace, Scott Cooper (US-UK) IP
  • Quod Erat Demonstrandum, Andrei Gruzsniczki (Romania) WP
  • Seventh Code, Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Japan) WP
  • Sorrow And Joy, Nils Malmros (Denmark) WP
  • Take Five, Guido Lombardi (Italy) WP
  • Tir, Alberto Fasulo (Croatia, Italy) WP
  • The Invisible Life, Vítor Gonçalves (Portugal) WP
  • Cut Down Kite, Diego Ayala, Anibal Jofré (Chile) IP

As previously announced, Giovanni Veronesi’s comedy The Fifth Wheel will open the festival on Nov 8.