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Source: Sarah Dunn

Samantha Morton

Samantha Morton is the latest addition to Ruben Ostlund’s The Entertainment System Is Down, with further key cast to be announced in the coming weeks.

Morton will play a significant part, after “she brought something to that role that was very convincing” in the audition process, according to the film’s producer Erik Hemmendorff.

“She’s a genuine person. What she’s going to do is fantastic,” Hemmendorff told Screen.

Morton joins previously announced cast Keanu Reeves, Kirsten Dunst and Daniel Bruhl. The film is set on a long-haul flight where the entertainment system fails and passengers are forced to face the horror of being bored.

Ostlund’s “very long” casting process is still ongoing, “so there will be more names” said Hemmendorff.

The film will shoot in 2025, with production purchasing an entire plane for the shoot, and currently in the process of breaking it down into small pieces.

Hemmendorff told Screen that production has not yet set on a studio location for shooting the film, with options in several countries.

“Ruben has very specific demands,” said Hemmendorff. “He wants to build up the whole plane, almost 79 metres. We are currently looking at several options.

“There’s a reason why no-one has built a whole plane before in an airplane movie. It’s really costly and very hard. Most studios aren’t that big. We’re still scouting.”

The Entertainment System Is Down was one of nine co-productions on the Film i Vast slate presentation in Cannes yesterday, with Ostlund, Dunst, Bruhl, Hemmendorff and producer Philippe Bober all on hand to promote the film. Bober’s Coproduction Office is handling international sales.