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Source: Sarajevo Film Festival


The Sarajevo Film Festival (August 11-18) has revealed the eight feature film and five television drama projects that will take part in the Cinelink Project Development Workshop.

The selection is made up of projects from first and second time directors from southeast Europe. All the projects are in the early stages of development and are now in the preparatory workshop in Sarajevo which runs from April 2-6. The workshop includes assistance from script consultants plus discussion on directing, production, financing and marketing. Masterclasses, lectures and one-on-one tutorials are also part of the event.

The eight projects include Summer Night, Half Past Ten from writer-director Ivana Mladenovic, who made CPH PIX award-winner Soldiers. Story From Ferentari; and Fiume O Morte! (River Or Death!), from Croatian writer-director Igor Bezinović.

  • Deskmate (Turkey)  Dir-scr-prod: Ferit Karahan
  • Fiume O Morte!  (France-Croatia-Slovenia) Dir-scr: Igor Bezinović.  Prod cos: La Bête, Restart, Nosorogi
  • Chemistry (Romania)  Dir-scr: Igor Bezinović. Prod co: Libra Film Productions
  • The Elegy Of Laurel (Montenegro)  Dir-scr: Igor Bezinović Prod co: Meander Film
  • War And War (Greece) Dir-scr: Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis. Scr: Elizampetta Ilia Georgiadou. Prod co: Horsefly Productions
  • Summer Night, Half Past Ten (Serbia-Romania) Dir-scr: Ivana Mladenovic .Prod cos: Bas Celik, Hi Film Productions
  • Balaur (Romania) Dir-scr: Octav Chelaru.  Prod co: deFilm
  • Safe Place (Croatia) Dir-scr: Juraj Lerotić. Prod co: Propeler Film
  • Anatomy Of A Crime (Serbia) Created by: Vuk Ršumović, Ana Tomović. Prod cos: BaBoon Production and Work In Progress (WIP)
  • > The Death (Greater Than The Death) (Turkey) Created by: Arya Su Altıoklar, Samim Türkmen. Prod co: KısaKes Production
  • Theseus (Greece) Created by: Panagiotis Iosifelis. Prod co: Pnevma Productions
  • Frust (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Created by Srđan Vuletić
  • Bad blood (Serbia). Created by: Milutin Petrović.  Prod co: This and That Productions

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