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Harvey Weinstein

Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead screenwriter Scott Rosenberg wrote a damning Facebook post this week about Harvey Weinstein and his early days at Miramax Films. 

In his post he said that he had never heard any rape allegations, but that he was aware of Weinstein’s “dreadful” behaviour - and said “everybody” else knew, too.

“I was there. And I saw you. And I talked about it with you,” he wrote. “You, the big producers; you, the big directors; you, the big agents; you, the big financiers.

“And you, the big rival studio chiefs; you, the big actors; you, the big actresses; you, the big models.

“You, the big journalists; you, the big screenwriters; you, the big rock stars; you, the big restaurateurs; you, the big politicians.”

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He said others chose to ignore what was going on because they were enjoying themselves and because women were told it would ruin their careers if they said anything.

At the end of the piece, Rosenberg apologised for not doing anything.

“I reaped the rewards and I kept my mouth shut,” he said. “And for that, once again, I am sorry.”

Meanwhile DreamWorks chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg has added his voice to the criticism of Weinstein and an enabling culture close to him.

Katzenberg told a Wall Street Journal conference of Weinstein: “Make no mistake about it: he is a monster.”

He added that Weinstein had been protected by other men around him, who he described as “a pack of wolves”.