Luis Tosar and Carolina Yuste, with director Arantxa Echevarría on the set of 'The Undercover'

Source: Courtesy of Film Factory

Luis Tosar and Carolina Yuste, with director Arantxa Echevarría,

Vicente Canales’ Film Factory has acquired international rights to Arantxa Echevarría’s action thriller Undercover.

It is being produced by Santiago Segura and María Luisa Gutiérrez’s Bowfinger International Pictures in partnership with Beta Fiction Spain (BFS), and Álvaro Esto también Pasará, with backing from Movistar Plus+, Atresmedia and broadcaster Eitb.

Carolina Yuste and Luis Tosar are starring in the film which is now in production. It is based on the story of the 20 year old woman who was the only member of the national police force who managed to infiltrate the Basque terrorist group, ETA and helped to dismantle it.

Yuste is the Goya-winning star ofCarmen And Lola, while the renowned Tosar has recent credits that include Cell 211. 

“The film will be told from the multifaceted perspective of a complex woman,” said Mercedes Gamero, CEO of Beta Fiction Spain. “It will also be a portrait of an era.”

Beta Fiction Spain will release Undercover in Spain on October 11.