Director Marc Webb backs UK anti-piracy campaign as new Spider-Man trailer is released in line with the initiative.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the latest feature to join the Moments Worth Paying For campaign, run by the Industry Trust for IP Awareness in its ongoing battle against piracy.

A 35-second trailer, featuring exclusive footage from the upcoming action film, includes a call to visit, a website that directs users to legal downloads of movies.

The trailer will be shown in cinemas from Feb 28 through Sony Pictures Releasing UK, marking its first such involvement in the Moments Worth Paying For initiative, and the Industry Trust will also push the campaign through digital, PR, social media and outdoor.

Peter Taylor, MD of Sony Pictures Releasing UK, said: “We have been working with the Industry Trust since it was created - almost ten years ago. This is the first time we’ve collaborated on an exclusive trailer for the influential Moments Worth Paying For campaign and we’re excited that Spider-man is taking our audience on this journey.

Director Marc Webb said: “Working on Spider-Man brought an opportunity for every single person involved in the film to work on something complex and challenging and ultimately something we all took a great deal of pride in.

“The Moments Worth Paying For campaign - which we’re very happy to be partnering with - is a fantastic way that we can enlighten film lovers, by helping them to experience the levels of work and creativity that go into bringing them the movies they love.”

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in cinemas nationwide on April 18, 2014.