The actor and comedian’s latest book launch will be streamed around the world.

A live broadcast event to mark the publication of Stephen Fry’s new volume of memoirs More Fool Me is to be broadcast by Picturehouse Entertainment via satellite in high definition to more 200 cinemas around the UK as well as 100 around the world.

Stephen Fry: More Fool Me will broadcast from the Royal Festival Hall, at Southbank Centre’s London Literature Festival), on October 1.

Fry will mark the publication with a live performance, which will give audiences a preview into the content of this memoir, from his antics in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Marc Allenby, director of distribution at Picturehouse Entertainment, said: “After his hugely successful event cinema debut with The Fry Chronicles in 2010, More Fool Me looks set to be even more popular in the UK and worldwide - a really enjoyable and very effective way of launching his much anticipated new book.”