'The Songbirds' Secret'

Source: ©Folimage - Les Armateurs - Lunanime - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma - Will Production - JPL Films -

‘The Songbirds’ Secret’

France TV Distribution has taken on international sales for Antoine Lanciaux’s “wildly amibtious” animated adventure feature The Songbirds’ Secret and is launching sales in Cannes.

The film is about nine year-old Lucie who joins her mother for an archaeological dig where she unearths family secrets with the help of a pair of songbirds. Their adventures take them from deep underground a ruined castle to a camper van parked on the edge of the woods.

The children’s adventure film has been created by using paper cut-outs in stop motion animation, “a technique that hasn’t been used in a feature film for over 30 years,” claims Alexandre René, s VP international cinema sales, France TV Distribution and Julia Schulte, SVP, international sales.

They describe The Songbirds’ Secret as “a family project of wild ambition”.

The Songbirds’ Secret is produced by prolific France-based animation houses Folimage and Les Armateurs and will be released in France by Gebeka Films. Co-producers are Lunanime, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Will Production, JPL Films, Dragons Films, Pictanovo, Folimage animation, and TNZPV Productions.

Longtime screenwriter, storyboarder and animator, Lanciaux co-wrote the script for his first feature alongside Pierre-Luc Granjon.