This year’s CPH:DOX festival in Copenhagen has handed out its main prize, the Dox:Award, to John Skoog’s Ridge. The film is an artistic hybrid documentary portrait of the Swedish summer, featuring visual art, abstract fiction and documentary material from Skåne, the country’s southernmost county.


Source: CPH:DOX


The jury, consisting of producer Katrin Pors, critic and curator Eric Hynes, filmmaker Soudade Kaadan, filmmaker Frederic Tcheng, and Berlinale Panorama programme director Paz Lazaro, also gave a special mention to Pia Hellenthal’s feminist doc Searching Eva about a young woman living in Berlin.

The New:Vision award went to A Moon For My Father, Mania Akbari and Douglas White’s film about Iranian artist Mania Akbaris’s first-hand experiences with both breast cancer and pregnancy. The jury was comprised of artist Ed Atkins, curator Lauren Boyle, and artist and critic Mathias Kryger.

The F:act Award went to Dark Suns, Julien Elie’s investigative feature about a wave of violence against women in Mexico. A special mention went to Midnight Family, Luke Lorentzen’s film, also set in Mexico, which follows private ambulances in Mexico City. On the jury were filmmaker Eszter Hajdu, producer Lynda Belkhiria, and filmmaker Søren Steen Jespersen.

The Nordic:Dox prize went to Men’s Room, Petter Sommer and Jo Vemund Svendsen’s film about a Norwegian male choir who opened a concert for metal band Black Sabbath. A special mention went to Mating, Lina Mannheimer’s film about a tumultuous online relationship. The jury was programmer Laure Bonville, director Andreas Koefoed, and programmer Anna Glogowski.

The Next:Wave award went to Kabul, City In The Wind, Afghan filmmaker Aboozar Amini’s impressionist take on the country’s capital city, and a special mention went to Inland, Juan Palacios’s Spanish film about a trip to the place where Don Quixote set off on his journey. The jury was director and producer Marwa Zein, curator Nico Marzano, and sound designer Peter Albrechtsen.

Elsewhere, Fredrik Gertten’s Push won the festival’s audience award.