Source: Courtesy of The Party

The Flats

Paris-based The Party has moved in on The Flats, Alessandra Celesia’s Northern Ireland-set documentary about a man re-enacting childhood memories from his apartment block ahead of the film’s world premiere in competition at CPH:DOX in March.

The Party is kicking off sales at the European Film Market this week. 

The film is set in a Catholic area of Belfast violently affected by the conflict in Northern Ireland where protagonist Joe joins his former neighbours to revisit the trauma and bloodshed of their youth with emotion and caustic humour more than 20 years after the ceasefire.

The Flats is produced by France’s Films de Force Majeure, Belgium’s Thank You & Good Night Productions, the UK’s Dumb World and Ireland’s Planet Korda.

Italian-born director Celesia, who lives between Paris and Belfast, has made several documentaries that have made waves on the festival circuit including 2011’s The Bookseller Of Belfast, 2013’s Italian Mirage, 2017’s Anatomia Del Miracolo and 2023’s The Mechanics Of Things.