UK sales and distribution outfit The Works is teaming with rights software company Counterpoint Systems to launch an online theatrical bookings and billings system.

Movie Maestro, aimed at the independent sector, is designed to help distributors keep track of theatrical bookings and their status, generate contracts between exhibitor and distributor on bookings and invoice cinemas.

It will include a database of exhibitor contacts, along with details of screen numbers and seats, and can import Rentrak box office figures and generate invoices to exhibitors.

The Works is demonstrating the tool to distributors this week at MIPCOM.

Pricing is confidential but will be on a subscription basis.

Ben Clasper, principal, media solutions, Counterpoint, said: “After reviewing the functionality of our previous theatrical booking system with The Works, we saw the opportunity to develop a new solution that wasn’t based solely around the availability of physical prints and could be designed by users who work with bookings on a daily basis.”

Laurence Gornall, CEO of The Works commented: “From meeting with many other independent distribution colleagues from different countries over the years, I know that this is the product they have been crying out for - a competitive, efficient, clear and simple bookings and billings solution, designed for the needs of the small to mid-size independent distributor.”