Rithy Panh’s Un Certain Regard winner takes its place alongside Ben Wheatley’s A Field In England and new films from Canada’s Stephen Broomer and Chris Kennedy in the Wavelengths section.

The selection of short, medium-length and feature work includes Caroline Strubbe’s I’m The Same, I’m An Other; Raya Martin and Mark Peranson’s La Ultima Pelicula; and Albert Serra’s Story Of My Death.

The Toronto International Film Festival is set to run from Sept 5-15.

WP = World premiere
IP = International premiere
NP = North American premiere
CP = Canadian premiere
TP = Toronto premiere


Wavelengths 1: Variations On…

  • Variations On A Cellophane Wrapper David Rimmer (Restoration courtesy of Academy Film Archive) (Canada)
  • Pop Takes Luther Price (US)
  • Airship Kenneth Anger (US)
  • El Adios Largos Andrew Lampert (Mexico-US)
  • The Realist Scott Stark (US)

Wavelengths 2: Now & Then

  • Instants Hannes Schüpbach (Switzerland)
  • Pepper’s Ghost Stephen Broomer (Canada)
  • Man In Motion, 2012 (Homme En Mouvement, 2012) Christophe M. Saber, Ruben Glauser and Max Idje (Switzerland)
  • Flower Naoko Tasaka (Japan-US)
  • Constellations (Konstellationen) Helga Fanderl (Germany)

Wavelengths 3: Farther Than the Eye Can See

  • Farther Than The Eye Can See Basma Alsharif (UAE)
  • Main Hall Philipp Fleischmann (Austria)
  • 45 7 Broadway Tomonari Nishikawa (US)
  • Bann Nina Könnemann (Germany)
  • Dry Standpipe (Suchy Pion) Wojciech Bakowski (Poland)
  • Gowanus Canal Sarah J Christman (US)
  • Nefandus Carlos Motta (US-Spain)

Wavelengths 4: Elysium

  • Trissákia 3 Nick Collins (UK)
  • Brimstone Line Chris Kennedy (Canada)
  • Listening To The Space In My Room Robert Beavers (Switzerland)
  • Mount Song Shambhavi Kaul (US-India)
  • Natpwe, The Feast Of The Spirits Tiane Doan na Champassak and Jean Dubrel (France-Burma)


Un Conte De Michel De Montaigne And The King’s Body And Redemption

  • Un Conte De Michel De Montaigne Jean-Marie Straub NAP  
  • The King’s Body (O Corpo De Afonso) Jõao Pedro Rodrigues NAP
  • Redemption Miguel Gomes NAP                                 

A Thousand Suns And Letter To A Refusing Pilot

  • A Thousand Suns (Mille soleils) Mati Diop IP                              
  • Letter To A Refusing Pilot Akram Zaatari   NAP                  

Three Landscapes Preceded By Song And Spring

  • Song Nathaniel Dorsky CP                                                                
  • Spring Nathaniel Dorsky WP
  • Three Landscapes Peter Hutton WP                                     


A Field In England Ben Wheatley (UK) NAP

A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness Ben Rivers and Ben Russell (Estonia-France) NAP

I’m The Same, I’m An Other Caroline Strubbe (Belgium) WP

La ultíma película Raya Martin & Mark Peranson (Canada-Denmark-Mexico-Philippines) WP
Preceded by RP31 Lucy Raven (USA) CP

MANAKAMANA Stephanie Spray & Pacho Velez (USA-Nepal) NAP

Pays Barbare Yvervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi (France) NAP

Story Of My Death Albert Serra (Spain-France) NAP

Stray Dogs (Jiao You) Tsai Ming-Liang (Taiwan-France) NAP

The Battle Of Tabatô Joao Viana (Portugal-Guinea-Bissau) NAP

Preceded by The Disquiet Ali Cherri WP    

The Missing Picture (L’image Manquante) Rithy Panh (Cambodia-France) NAP

The Police Officer’s Wife Philip Gröning (Germany) NAP

The Strange Little Cat Ramon Zürcher (Germany) CP                

‘Til Madness Do Us Apart Wang Bing (France-Hong Kong-Japan) NAP

Three Interpretation Exercises (Trois Exercises D’interprétation) Cristi Puiu (Romania-France) NAP