Cine-Logistics operates the delivery of films to German exhibitors and also holds an archive of assets for 6500 titles.


Ymagis acquires German distribution service Cine-Logistics

Digital cinema technologies specialist Ymagis Group has acquired German distribution services outfit Cine-Logistics.

The services company provides electronic and physical delivery of films and advertising materials to cinema exhibitors and also handles archival storage of assets for 6500 titles in its Berlin-based distribution centre.

Ymagis’ Michael Krauth has been appointed co-CEO of Cine-Logistics. He will manage the company alongside incumbent Knut Guntzel, with both reporting to Ymagis Senior VP content services Christophe Lacroix.

Ymagis has absorbed the company’s remaining 20 full time staff.

In 2015, Cine-Logistics recorded revenues of $3.5m, up 30% on the previous year.

In July last year, Ymagis finalised the acquisition of French film lab Éclair Group.