Inaugural two-day industry event to be held as part of the Zurich Film Festival.

A new film industry event is to be launched at the Zurich Film Festival (Sept 25 - Oct 5), it has been announced by ZFF co-founder and artistic director Karl Spoerri and Winston Baker.

The Zurich Summit will run from Sept 27-28 and has evolved out of the Film Finance Forum, which first launched at ZFF in 2010.

Hosted with Winston Baker and held at Zurich’s Dolder Grand, topics at the summit will include:

  • Hit making storytelling across platforms
  • Creating and managing blockbusters in the digital era
  • Brands disrupted: the new 360° angle
  • Banking on film, TV and superstars: finding the real returns
  • Distribution is king and content is queen…or vice versa?
  • What’s in store for the global TV revolution?
  • Conquering the next big thing: China

The event will also include a Game Changer Award, honouring “a visionary who breaks new ground while choosing to ignore convention and popular opinion”.

The Zurich Summit will also feature a charity tennis tournament, inviting speakers, participants and festival guests to battle it out on the court at the Dolder Tennis Club.