The Elmore Leonard crime caper also stars Sienna Miller, William H Macy, Brendan Fraser and Matt Dillon. Duke will play the role of homicide detective Wendell Robinson.

The multi-hyphenate is currently co-directing with D Channsin Berry the feature documentary Dark Girls, which explores racism in the US.

“In the late 60s a famous psychological study was done in which a young black girl was presented with a set of dolls,” Duke said. “Every time the she was asked to point to the one that wasn’t pretty, not smart, etc, she pointed to the black doll that looked just like her. In her mind, she was already indoctrinated.

“To watch her do that was heartbreaking and infuriating. CNN did the test again recently – decades later – with little progress. As the filmmakers behind Dark Girls, our goal is to take that little girl’s finger off that doll.”

Duke is represented by Harold Augenstein at Abrams Artists Agency.