EXCLUSIVE: Mike Downey and Sam Taylor’s F&ME is reuniting with Srdjan Dragojevic’s Delirium to produce Dragojevic’s From Zero To Hero.

This follows their work together on his hit The Parade and forthcoming The Porcupine, which will shoot in March 2014.

From Zero To Hero is about a group of sales reps at an ex-Yugoslav holiday timeshare company.

From Zero To Hero, financed out of Serbia, Montenegro and the UK, will start shooting at the Otrant Resort in Ulcinj, Montenegro in two weeks. Backers include SBB (Serbian Broadband), Film Centre of Serbia, The Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, and RTS – Serbian National Television.

“It’s a Balkan Glengarry Glen Ross for contemporary Europe…The sales floor of this timeshare firm will stop at nothing to get a buck, an extra point of commission or stitch up their fellow sales ‘team’ members,” said the film’s UK co-producer Mike Downey of F&ME.

The cast will include Branko Djuric, Srdjan Todorovic Milos Samolov and Hristina  Popovic.

“The liberal capitalism came to ex-Yugoslav countries as a blast of atomic bomb,” said writer/director Dragojevic, “first through war that created an instant primitive accumulation of capital. And this was followed by an absolutely corrupt and unsuccessful privatization.  It divided society into wolves and sheep. This is the bitter comedy about the society in which the shepherd is dead and sound of dying sheep is the only music.”

Meanwhile, F&ME is in Toront with Mark Dornford May’s Noye’s Fludde in Contemporary World Cinema and Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s The President in the OMDC International Finance Forum.