Epic Pictures Group has rounded out the cast of directors and actors on its upcoming horror anthology.

The list of 11 directors who have committed to the series of connected ten short stories about Halloween include the previously announced Neil Marshall, Paul Solet, Darren Lynn Bousman, Axelle Carolyn and Mike Mendez.

Adam Gierasch will direct Trick, Marshall will direct Bad Seed, Carolyn helms Grimm Grinning Ghost, Solet is on board The Weak And The Wicked and Mendez directs Friday The 31st.

Ryan Schifrin takes charge of The Ransom Of Rusty Rex, Andrew Kasch and John Skipp partner on This Means War, Bousman directs The Night Billy Raised Hell, Dave Parker directs Sweet Tooth and Lucky McKee helms Ding Dong.

Carolyn created the Tales Of Halloween anthology concept and produces with Epic CEO Patrick Ewald and co-founder Shaked Berenson and Mendez.

The directors have agreed to abide by what they style as ‘anti-Dogme 95’ film-making tenets that demand they not be frugal with special effects, props and score.

Ewald and Berenson said the collective ensembles include Joe Dante, John Landis, Pat Healy, Barry Bostwick, Noah Segan, Booboo Stewart and Greg Grunberg.

“We have received so much support from the horror community in this film,” said Ewald. “Joe Dante and Adam Green and many notable actors came to the set and showed their respect and enthusiasm, even participating in the film with key cameo roles. I can’t wait until the film is finished for everyone to enjoy.”

“In Tales Of Halloween, every role is filled with iconic figures like John Landis and Stuart Gordon,” said Berenson. “It’s a big bloody love letter made by horror fans for horror fans.”

Epic co-financed and is handling international sales on a pair of Sundance titles: Park City At Midnight entry Turbo Kid and Next selection Entertainment.