Projects include films starring Channing Tatum, Hayden Christiansen and Julianne Moore.

London- and LA-based Future Film Group has struck a $110m four-picture production deal with US producers Howard Kaplan and John Baldecchi and their company Fusion Films.

The projects on the slate include Stephen Sommers’ Odd Thomas (adapted from a Dean Koontz story); Randall Wallace’s Mercenary set to star Channing Tatum and another ‘leading Hollywood actor’: Paul McGuigan’s espionage thriller The Diplomat, to star Christian Slater and Hayden Christiansen; and epic adventure Nicholas North from Antti Jokinen, set to star Julianne Moore. That film will shoot from September in the UK, Finland and Ireland.

Future Film Group is also working with NDF and Pathe International for Omid Nooshin’s action thriller Last Passenger to star Dougray Scott.

Each of the films except Odd Thomas will use Future’s end to end production and finance offerings, including production services via its post house Pepper Post in London.

Also, Future Film Group has recently made its first foray into TV production, producing the children’s TV series Annabel’s Kitchen starring Annabel Karmel.

Other planned TV projects are a series based on Jeffrey Archer’s short stories, and a series about Eita.

CEO Stephen Margolis said: “We are finally reaching our goal for being a finance and production house that can work at the highest level with creative producers both here in the UK and in the US. We bring a unique level of both financing and production expertise so that we become the ultimate one stop shop.”