JuntoBox Films has announced the eights feature scripts and 18 filmmakers selected for the inaugural incubator initiative.

The JuntoBox Feature Film Incubator has begun its session and runs through December 15 under the supervision of vice-president Kelly Thomas.

The incubator makes a tailor-made accelerated development programme sets up a wide net of consultancy and advice for participants.

By the end, JuntoBox Films executives and co-chair Forest Whitaker (pictured) will greenlight at least one project to be financed and produced in the spring of 2015.

“We are thrilled to welcome this exceptional group of filmmakers with unique and captivating stories that all deserve to be made,” said Thomas. “We look forward to fostering community among filmmakers while facilitating their artistic development, honing their vision and supporting these filmmakers to drive their projects to the next level.”

The JuntoBox Films Feature Film Incubator filmmakers and projects are:

Die Like A Man, wrt-dir Eric Nazarian, pdr Javier Chapa (producer);

God Loves Stu, wrt-dir Aldo Velasco, pdr David Allen Cress

Good Humor, dir Rob Spera, wrt Jared Rappaport, pdrs Bonnie Curtis and Julie Lynn;

Letters From The President, dir Michael D Olmos, wtr Tony Tambi;

The Locksmith, wtr Blair Kroeber, pdr Ted Kroeber;

Mullet, wtr-dir Rafael Del Toro;

Operator, co-wtr-dir Logan Kibens, pdr Felipe A Dieppa; and

White Mice, co-wtr-dir Simon Arthur, prds Katie Holly and Claire Mundell.