LA-based creative incubator and production company Ketchum Labs has signed a strategic production and ‘over the top’ distribution partnership with online genre channel BlackBoxTV.

The first two projects are the upcoming hybrid reality series Fight Of The Living Dead and the feature Villisca, which shot in and around Los Angeles including YouTube’s production facility in Playa Del Rey.

Fight Of The Living Dead will shoot in Los Angeles and follows six YouTube stars as they attempt to survive 24 hours in a simulated zombie apocalypse.

The partners claim that BlackBoxTV’s stated following of more than 600,000 genre fans combined with the fanbase of confirmed YouTube stars such as vlogger Joey Graceffa and former The Amazing Race contestant Meghan Camarena will create a launch viewership of 10m.

Ketchum Labs and Revolver Picture Company produce Fight, while Ketchum co-founder and principal Kevin Abrams, Jamie Denenberg and Aaron Lewis serve as executive producers.

Villisca focuses on a haunted house mystery based on the actual Villisca Axe Murder House attraction and is earmarked for multi-platform release this year.

Abrams, Maury Gallagher and Patrick Weir serve as executive proeucers and the producer is Seth Caplan. BlackBoxTV founder and creator Tony Valenzuela wrote the screenplay.

BlackBoxTV’s YouTube channel will serve as a destination for special features, viral content and behind-the-scenes footage released in support of the film.