Ash-Baron Cohen to direct the $6m film.

Rock star Lenny Kravitz, Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson are to star in Ash Baron-Cohen’s $6 million The Blind Bastard Club, due to shoot in April in Brazil.
Rodrigo Santoro and Riccardo Scamarcio will also star.

The film is being produced by Hacienda (Andrew Mysko and Cory Neal) and by Frank Desmarais. The coproducer is Urca (Leo Edde). Executive producer is Donald K Ranvaud of Buena Onda. A major Latin American company is also in talks to board the project.

The BBC, or Blind Bastard Club, is a gang of guys and girls who live life on the edge despite being blind by going to the shooting range,jumping out of planes, getting into fights in bars, and pretending they’re not blind. The film focuses on Jake, the leader of the BBC,and Angel, a sighted call girl whorollerblades around the city. They meet by accident, and he introduces her to his world as they both look to make the ultimate sacrifice for love.

The film, previously set up in New Orleans, will be crewed entirely by Brazilians. Ranvaud (who worked on previously Brazilian hits City of God and Central Station) has been in Berlin this week to announce the project. A sales agent is expected to be announced shortly.

Lenny Kravitz, shortly to release his first album in several years, is a huge star in Brazil. In 2007, he played concerts on Copacabana Beach in front of audiences of hundreds of thousands.