TrustNordisk to handle sales of graphic novel adaptation about three 12-13-year-old girls roaming the streets of 1980s Stockholm; Moodysson wants feature to be “a happy film full of hope and vitality.”

After his $10m (SEK 70m) English-language Mammoth (Mammut, 2009), Swedish director Lukas Moodysson will return to more modest Swedish filmmaking, readying We Are The Best! (Vi er bäst!) to shoot on locations in Stockholm and at co-producing Swedish regional film centre, Film i Vast studios, from this autumn.

As his legendary feature debut, Fucking Amal! (aka Show Me Love) in 1998, his fifth movie is produced by Lars Jonsson for Stockholm’s Memfis Film – and while his first depicted two teenagers in provincial Amal, the new film is about three 12-13-year-old girls roaming the streets of Stockholm in the year of 1982.

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Characters Bobo, Klara and Hedvig are descibed as brave, tough, strong, weak, confused and weird, but they have to take care of themselves too early. They heat fish fingers in the toaster for dinner when mum is in the pub and want to start a punk band without any instruments. But their friendship is a solace.

”I want to make a happy film full of hope and vitality,” said Moodysson who has scripted the film from his wife Coco Moodysson’s graphic novel Never Goodnight (Aldrig Godnatt). – Swedish major Svensk Filmindustri has scheduled the local premiere for autum 2013, and Denmark’s TrustNordisk will handle international sales.