Simon West Productions and the Graphic Film Company, in association with 2020 Entertainment and Indus Media and Entertainment, have signed Bollywood actor R Madhavan to Night Of The Living Dead: Origins 3D. Meyers Media Group handles international sales.

Zebediah De Soto’s re-imagining of George A Romero’s 1968 zombie classic uses state-of-the-art facial capture technology to create the effect of a graphic novel-traditional animation hybrid.

Madhavan’s credits include 3 Idiots and the Tanu Weds Manu franchise. The key cast includes Tony Todd, Tom Sizemore, “scream queen” Danielle Harris, Sarah Habel, Bill Mosley and Joseph Pilato.

De Soto co-wrote the screenplay with Warren Davis II and David Reuben Schwartz.

Producers are Simon West, Jib Polhemus, Gus Malliarodakis and Matty Mangone-Miranda of the Graphic Film Company, Paresh Ghelani of 2020 Entertainment, and Naveen Chathappuram and Charles Leslie of Indus Media and Entertainment.